Wednesday, November 7, 2007

MET TATHIONE 60 Capsules & Whitening Soap from Japan and METTATHIONE PILLS

You've stayed in the dark too long, waiting for the special soap that will finally fulfill your dream of having fair complexion.
Now you can step out of the plus enjoy the silhy smooth skin of youth- with MET premium whitening soap from Japan.
MET is one of a kind because it goes beyond whitening to offer total skin care.
It has a potent blend of Aplha Arbutin, an extract of the bearberry plant and Glutathione the "Master AntiOxidants-to effective whitening agents that inhibits the skins' Tyrosinase activity to block the formulation of melanin and bring about de-pigmentation.
What's more, MET provides natural skin moisturizers from palm and coconut oils, as well as essential soybean extract that regenerate the collagen in the skin to smoothen out fine lines and blemishes.
The result: skin that's fair soft, smooth and radiant with a youthful glow.

Use MET Premium Whitening Soap - morning and night daily and see the amazing results.

Makes healthy inside, fair and beautiful outside.

We cannot choose the kins of skin tone we want at birth. But fortunately for those who have been born with dark complexion they can now enjoy the fairer skin they have always dreamed of by using METtathione.

is a dietary supplement imported from Japan that contains Alpha Lipoic ( or Natural Moiturizer), Sodium Ascorbate ( not Vitamin C) and reduced Glutathione, regarded by dermatologists and medical practitioners as the highest grade and safest form of Glutathione available in the market today. This "Master Antioxidant" strength en the immune system, delays aging, boosts sexual potency, prevents skin allergies and stress related disease, and decreases the production of melanine , the pigment that gives skin its dark color.

Take 2 capsules of MET 2 x a day, after meals and you will notice your skin becoming fairer. Your underarms and bikini line lightening and your lips turning pinkist in color, in as little as 2 weeks.

And because MET is taken orally, you avoided the inconvenience of cream application that can stain your clothes and have you with a messy, sticky feeling.

When life has blessed in with less than the skin tone that you dreamed, take charge with MET. It good for your health, and most especially yourself esteem.

Now that's beauty inside out.

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